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We can satisfy all your dental needs, from a general exam consultation or routine checkup to a complete reconstruction of your dentures.We apply the concept of Integral and uncomplicated dentistry, so your treatment will end without leaving the clinic facilities thanks to the interdisciplinary work of our team of collaborators.

We highlight among our wide line of services the following:

Deep dental cleaning and dental prophylaxis

Highly aesthetic fillings

Dental venners

It is a procedure that replaces a minimum amount of dental enamel using different materials and techniques, and aims to restore aesthetics and function to the tooth.

Gum remodeling and smile design

Cosmetic dentistry

Art and science to improve the beauty or achieve the beautification of your teeth, in very different forms and possibilities, and harmonize aesthetics and dental function.

Dental implants

Are titanium devices in the form of a screw, which are inserted into the jawbone to replace the roots of the missing teeth. Dental crowns and fixed bridges can be made on it.

Root canals

It is the treatment that consists of removing the tissue that is inside the conduits of the teeth, cleaning them and preparing them carefully, finally, sealed with a special material. It is the best way to treat a diseased and infected tooth and avoid its extraction.

Flap surgery


Treatment by means of techniques of last technology to correct the bad position of the teeth caused as a result of the normal eruption of the natural teeth or by the imbalances of the teeth caused after the loss and the non-replacement of the lost teeth.

Invisible Orthodontics - Transparent Aligners

It is the new orthodontic system with Transparent Aligners that leaves the braces behind and is imposed worldwide as the most revolutionary technology in Invisible Orthodontics
It is a treatment based on the use of transparent dental aligners, designed and developed sequentially using 3D technology in polycarbonate, to correct minor distortions in the position of the teeth, which are part of a system alternative to the use of braces, without the inconvenience and discomfort that these can cause. These are totally hygienic and can be removed at will by the patient, although we recommend their use most of the day and should only be removed to eat.

Dental emergencies

These are contingencies that require immediate and effective attention. It usually have an infectious or traumatic origin, produce pain and affect aesthetics and dental and personal function. Our 24-hour availability service offers priority attention to these cases.

Home dental care

There are circumstances in which the mobility of a person can be limited to go to a dental appointment: some disability or some temporary or permanent condition make the visit an issue that always causes great difficulty and discomfort. With our portable dental units, our team of professionals is trained to assist you wherever you are, whether you are in a clinic or hospital or in the comfort of your home or hotel room, always with the incomparable quality of our services.
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Relief and treatment of dental pain

Except in cases of general illness or of non-specific origin, all dental pain begins with a small discomfort, either through a painful sensation when biting or chewing on a particular tooth, or when taking cold, sweet or acidic foods or liquids, All of them are symptoms that indicate that there is an ongoing disease inside or outside the tooth, that if it is not treated the sooner it will trigger an even greater pain. In any case, whatever the problem, with an appropriate diagnosis that establishes the source of the discomfort we can carry out the effective and timely treatment to inactivate dental pain.

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Crowns and dental bridges